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Vardenafil (Generic Levitra) Pills Online

UShealthpills provides generic Levitra (Vardenafil) tablets for sale online. Generic Levitra is an FDA-approved drug for treating erectile disorder (ED). It helps by increasing penis blood flow which helps men achieve and keep an erection.

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What is Vardenafil?

What differentiates Vardenafil and other ED drugs? Potency. A tiny amount of Vardenafil is a lot; therefore, the dosages of the medication are less.

however, it’s still a reliable alternative. Since you don’t require the same amount, it is less likely that you will experience adverse reactions from it. This makes it an excellent choice for older men or people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure.

Take one Vardenafil tablet between 25 and 60 minutes prior to sexual activity. It remains in your body for up to five hours, allowing you ample time to enjoy sexual pleasure with your partner.

Similar to Levitra, Vardenafil is also available with or dispersible tablets (ODT) that dissolve in the mouth. You do not need to swallow them with drinking water.

Uses of Levitra (Vardenafil)

Levitra helps men by increasing blood flow and keeping intimacy. Doctors prescribe it as a PDE5 inhibitor from birth. Other medications in the same class are Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Avanafil (Stendra).

How to take it?

Take the medicine by mouth with water at least 1 hour before having sex for best results. It begins to show its effects within an hour.

How does Vardenafil work?

Vardenafil is a drug that opens blood vessels so that more blood is able to enter the penis. It stops an enzyme in your body (PDE5) because it’s a PDE5 inhibitor. This enzyme narrows blood vessels, making it difficult for someone with ED to get erections. It reduces blood flow to the penis.

Vardenafil assists in the dilation of the blood vessels, thereby improving the flow of blood to the penis. The result? Easier, longer-lasting and firmer erections.

Levitra, Vardenafil: what’s the difference?

The only thing that matters is the name.

Vardenafil is the generic (cheaper) variant of Levitra. The pill looks different on the outside but has the same stuff inside. It works the same way in the body because it has a similar chemical and does the same job.

A single firm does not produce it exclusively, just like Levitra. The only company that makes Levitra owns the brand name and the unique design of the orange pill.

Different manufacturers produce generics such as Vardenafil, which are, therefore, generally less expensive than brand-name drugs. They can also vary in appearance and colour in comparison to one another.